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The KMCH college of Occupational Therapy has setup all the laboratories to train UG, various speciality level PG programme. Basic and pre clinical laboratories are available academic campus to train the principles of basic sciences and Occupational Therapy.

After undergoing pre clinical and OT training, they are deputed to undergo clinical training to make them competent in the regular clinical practice. The Department of Occupational Therapy is attached with the KMCH is fully equipped with State-of-the-Art facilities to treat all kind of clients in the Occupational Therapy. The department of OT at KMCH is considered one of the Best clinical setup in the field of Occupational Therapy.


It is equipped with all necessary facilities to facilitate learning and research on Activities of Daily Living. ADL lab includes a setup that simulates home, may include toilet, bathroom, kitchen, bed room.

The lab is used to simulate ADLs where students can learn in depth about the activities and various factors which has an effect on them. Also they learn the therapeutic aspect of ADL along with necessary skills to train the clients on the same.

It also has an array of adaptive and assistive devices with which students learn and practice how to assist clients with various difficulty and disability to optimally and successfully perform the Activity of Daily Living

The Psychometric Laboratory is home to an array of standardized Physical and Psychological assessments and Evolutional tools which are used for Clinical Research, Education and Professional Practice.

Standardised outcome measures and scales provides a base for the therapist to evaluate the client in various domains such as physical, cognition, sensory motor, daily living skills, work, psychological etc.

These scales also helps in comparing outcomes related to various interventions and approaches Standardized scales provides evidence based documentation to support the intervention.

The lab provides and encourages the students to learn and practice the necessary assessments and evaluations needed to provide superior care and therapy to the clients.

Students of Occupational Therapy undergo several phases of practical training from Assessment of need, Design phase, Fabrication, and Training. They Follow-up necessary procedures to ensure proper use and fit of the splint.

Splinting Unit is platform to understand and develop knowledge and skills necessary to prescribe, design and fabricate Hand Splints. Splint unit is well equipped with necessary Splint tools, installed with Heavy and light equipments and other miscellaneous resources (Splint material, attachments and fasteners) utilized during every phases of fabrication.

Students are well trained and provided with in-depth understanding of the pathologic conditions and Orthotic designs for the best Occupational therapy practice. Student will be given opportunity to design and fabricate individual splint to excel in fabrication process.

IT Facility

The primary goal of a well-equipped computer lab at KMCH Colleges is to provide our students with assistance that enhances their possibilities of succeeding in their assignments. The college has high-tech advanced computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners, plotters, photocopying machine and video cameras etc.

The labs are equipped with well-furnished drafting tables and chairs. All the studios are well lit and ventilated naturally. The computer labs are large enough to accommodate 50 students of each batch.


Lecture Halls

Lecture theatres are equipped with the latest technology such as smart boards, projectors, and surround sound. These help to create a more efficient learning environment and enhances the students experience. The Lecture Halls have been designed to conduct theory and demo classes and they are all provided with all kinds of Audio and Visual equipment.

Furthermore, lecture theatres offer ample seating which can accommodate large numbers of students and is comfortable and space efficient.



The college library has one of the largest collections of titles in Physiotherapy and there are about 2000 titles and 4000 volumes are available. Internet facilities are available for the students in the college and library. The library regularly subscribes National and International journals in Physiotherapy and Allied Health Sciences. Another important thing to note is that our libraries are innovative in the way we provide students with the desired information pertaining to their growth. Our innovative libraries aren't content serving as one-way conduits of information; we also aim to foster dialogue and exchange with their users.

Digital Library

The library has a separate digital section which provides all kinds of digital resources and online journals in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.



Apart from the academics they are given activities in sports and games and they are also taught about training and management of sports injuries. In addition, they are motivated to exhibit their talent in sports and games. This facilitates them to take part and excel in the intercollegiate and university sports meets.

Through sports students are able to build a wide range of abilities and skills such as leadership, confidence, teamwork, patience, self-reliance, and trust. This helps in facilitating the overall development of an individual and gives them a more proactive approach to handling the various trials and tribulations that come with life.



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