Support Facilities

The college is attached to Kovai Medical Center a 1000 bedded multi disciplinary super specialty hospital, with a well equipped and highly specialized department of OT and a full fledged physical medicine & rehab department, where students are given hands on clinical training.

To enhance the college's academic profile and clinical capabilities of students collaborative contacts are established with external organizations (in and around coimbatore within Tamilnadu and other states.


In order to make learning effective and interesting the faculty members use A-V aids such as OHP, power point presentations, simulated model, posters, demonstration, etc.,

Students are encouraged to use latest A-V aids (LCD Projector) for their seminars and presentations.


KMCH College of OT in furnished with a central and department library. This library has one of the longest voluminous collections of OT titles besides other general medical titles. Reputed national and international journals are available in the library. The library is updated with recent editions of texts and journals yearly.

Internet facilities are provided in the library to enable the students to keep in touch with the latest international developments in the field.

The library also has videos, CD's, News letters, which could enhance the students learning. The department library, apart from racking OT literature, has 300 project works which enhances research work, which brings life into professional practice.

Student Counselor

Each student is allotted a faculty as counselor as soon as they join the course, who guide the student in academics as well as other aspects.

Campus Interview

  • Campus interview is conducted upon request by various organizations
  • Consultants for jobs and studies abroad, visit our college to give advice and guidelines.

Students Health Care

The Kovai Medical Center and Hospital provides comprehensive Outpatient and Inpatient services for the students. There is provision for health insurance and accident policy available for the students.


As part of the curriculum Occupational Therapy students come in contact with patient population from II year onwards. Immunization against Hepatitis B, H, N, influenza are emphasized for all students.


Separate Hostel facilities are provided for female and male students. Hostels are located in a separate campus about 2 kms from the college. The hostels are provided with maximum security, and the serene & scenic surroundings make them an ideal place to stay and study. Communication facilities, including internet are available in the premises itself. The students are transported to and from the college & Hospital by a fleet of institution vehicles.

Professional Development Programs

Staffs meet periodically to update their knowledge on recent developments in the field of Occupational Therapy by reviewing journal articles.

Staffs are sponsored by the institutions for various higher studies, workshops, seminars CME's to update self, thereby developing the standard of patient care and course curriculum.

The KMCH-COT organizes regular CME's every year. The students and faculty members are encouraged to do paper presentations, publications of professional articles etc.

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